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What should you expect in my Travel Stories? Travel is something that tickles me every time and inspires me to plan for the next trip, even before concluding the one that I am on. I’ve been traveling to many countries around the world, but it was only in 2017 I decided to make travel as my profession. Even then, my legs were tied up and they struggled to let loose. My first full fledged travel is Kanyakumari to Kohima for celebrating #HornbillFestival.

I have been traveling around the world since 2000 – mostly as a full-time employee, and recently as a full-time traveler. To read my travel stories, you can visit https://jauntmonkey.com. However, my upcoming travel projects with complete stories can be selected from the list below.

Hornbill Festival Nagaland


Makar Sankranti Gujarat

#MakarSankranti @ Gujarat

Travel stories: Bihu of Assam

#BohagBihu @ Assam

In my travel stories, you won’t find anything less than personal travelogues. I cover everything in my travelogues, starting from the planning of a travel until the completion and conclusion of that travel. Hence, I start writing my travel stories much before its commencement, allowing you to suggest and improve my trip.

Do you have a travel project in your mind where you love to collaborate with me? Contact me at e.jey@funbrains.net and we can discuss…

The first 3 projects of Out On Roads are Indian travels, but we have plans to go global soon. Stay tuned and be an active supporter to Out On Roads.