Doyang Dam in Wokha is among the top places to visit in Nagaland

11 Amazing Places to Visit in Nagaland | #OutOnRoads4Hornbill

A group of tribal dancers with colorful dresses and unique head gear, rhythmic beating of log drums and dancers swaying to the tunes, animal motifs outside every house- is this the picture that comes to your mind when one says Nagaland? Well, the state is more or less about the same. Nagaland is a state with its own culture and traditions. There are several amazing places to visit in Nagaland, all exuding a unique charm!

My Selected Places to Visit in Nagaland

1. Dimapur

Dimapur in Nagaland is a place where the modern co-exists with medieval. One of the most amazing places to visit in Nagaland, Dimapur is the place that officially marks entry into Nagaland.

Ruins of Dimasa Kingdom in Dimapur
Kachari Ruins in Dimapur
  • Kachari ruins are the most famous among attractions of Dimapur. They are actually ruins in the literal sense, dilapidated and ignored, they still give us an idea about the prosperous days of Kachari tribe that ruled the place. The dome shaped stone pillars are quite a sight!

  • Rangapahar Reserve Forest in Dimapur is the place for nature lovers. Watch lots of animals and birds in this paradise of nature.

2. Wokha

Doyang Dam Wokha
Doyang Dam, Wokha

Wokha has been declared as ‘land of plenty’ by the government of Nagaland, due to its rich mineral reserves and fertile soil. A very scenic locale, Wokha is one of the most amazing places to visit in Nagaland.

  • Located near Kohima, this place is blessed with abundant natural beauty. There is a tourist village set up here to let the tourists get insights into life of Lotha tribe, who predominate the area.

  • Doyang River in Wokha has an unblemished beauty, devoid of all commercial tourist activities. No shouting of vendors or guides, just nature all around!

3. Dzukou Valley

Ravishing Dzokou Valley in Nagaland | What you should know about Nagaland?
Dzokou Valley in Nagaland

Located 30 kms away from Kohima, Dzukou Valley is a paradise for trekkers. This place is Nagaland’s answer to the famous Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand. During spring season, lots of multi-colored, rare flowers bloom in the valley, making it look as though nature has splashed an array of colors over the valley! The valley also has a number of cold water streams running across its length and breadth. A trek in this valley is one of the most scenic and admired treks in India.

4. Mount Pauna

The third highest peak of Nagaland, Mont Pauna, is breathtakingly beautiful.

Mount Pauna
Mount Pauna
  • This peak is a part of Benreu ranges and looks heavenly as the valley is seen brimming with rhododendrons and orchids during the flowering season.

  • Benreu village is a tiny hamlet close to Mount Pauna, where one can experience the joys of simple rustic life. The villagers are known for their hospitality and warmth.

  • Mount Pauna also has lots of curiously shaped monoliths and rocks to its credit. Just walk around, you might stumble upon some of them!

5. Triple Falls

Though a part of Dimapur, the Triple Falls deserves a separate mention just by reason of its magnificent beauty. This waterfall, as the name indicates, is an accumulation of 3 dazzling white streams falling from a height of 280 ft. They form a natural pool at the bottom, enthralling tourists with pristine charm. The surroundings of the waterfall are spotlessly clean, so you can relax on the sides, watching the stunning falls and listening to its sweet purring! One of the amazing places to visit in Nagaland, do not miss out on this one.

6. Kohima

Capital city Kohima is the icing on the cake for tourists trotting to Nagaland. A place with a rich history, Kohima is a treat for all kinds of tourists.

Kohima, the capital of Nagaland
Kohima, the capital of Nagaland
  • The battle of Kohima will find its place in every book on history. Kohima war cemetery is dedicated to soldiers who lost their lives in the historic battles.

  • A trip to Kohima is truly fulfilling with a visit to its museum. Here you get to see the artefacts and costumes of all 16 tribes of the state.

  • Shilloi Lake is another attraction of Kohima. This picturesque lake surrounded by green cover on all sides, is also considered as sacred.

  • Touphema village has a collection of small huts intricately designed in the Naga style. Here you can blend with the traditional Naga life.

7. Khonoma Green Village

Situated at around 20 kms from Kohima is this village which is one of the amazing places to visit in Nagaland by reason of the values that the people of the village have cultivated. This is an eco-friendly village and the villagers have entirely given up hunting, their traditional way of gathering food. Instead they have turned to agriculture and have adopted a way of living that sustains their natural resources. In times where the so-called educated urban folk are least bothered about exploiting nature, simple village people have such farsightedness! Handlooms, handicrafts, basket weaving, everything here maintains a touch with nature.

8. Mokokchung

Another popular tourist destination, Mokokchung is a pretty, charming locale. Though a lively place with tints of modernization, the place still holds on to its cultures.

Mokokchung in Nagaland
Mokokchung in Nagaland
  • Longkhum in Mokokchung is a place straight out of heaven. If the beautiful rhododendron covered hills do not fill your hearts with joy, nothing else will!

  • Langpangkong Caves are a trip back to olden times. Set amidst lush greenery, these caves are thought to have given shelter to Ahom kings who ruled the place.

  • Molung village is the place where Christianity first took roots in Nagaland. Visit the place if you are interested in learning how a major portion of Naga people got converted.

9. Phek

Phek is a splendid mountainside town in Nagaland. The people of the place have mostly taken up agriculture as their means of living. The terraced farms of the area have a homely look to them. There is Phek waterfall in the middle of the jungle, which requires a difficult walk through the woods to reach. Dzudu Lake, another attraction hidden inside the thickets, is as charming as a lake could be. Glory Peak in Phek is where you can spend some moments in awe, watching the queen of all peaks, Mount Everest. With jaw dropping scenery, this is one of the most amazing places to visit in Nagaland.

10. Mon

Mon is the land with rich cultural history. The villages here are ruled by ‘Angh’ or the chief, who exerts considerable power over people.

Mon in Nagaland
Mon in Nagaland
  • Konyak Nagas of Mon look different from the other tribes. With their colorful tattooed faces and blackened teeth, they might send a chill down your spine!

  • The people of Mon believe that they are the direct descendants of Noah. So they have fashioned their names also in a biblical manner.

  • Longwa in Mon is a village that shares border with Myanmar. The village chief’s house falls partly in India and partly in Myanmar. A ruler in two countries?

  • Veda Peak, the highest peak in Mon, gives you panoramic views of Brahmaputra River in India and Chindwin River in Myanmar.

11. Tuensang

Tuensang is a relatively urbanized part of Nagaland. This place is famous for its indigenous handicrafts and jewelries. Though Chang tribes were the earliest inhabitants of Tuensang, there are other tribes also and all of them live peacefully, displaying a blend of tribal traditions. Longtrok in Tuensang is famous for six enormous stone structures, which are believed to be personifications of God! Noklak is the village famed for tribal arts and exclusive cane work.

Once in Nagaland, you will notice that every place is different from others in some way, yet all the places are bound together by some common customs. A destination that will never stop mesmerizing you, Nagaland definitely deserves more applause and appreciation.

However, before you set off for Nagaland, it is good to learn a few facts about the hornbill festival in this northeast Indian state.

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