A Scene in Kisama, the Heritage Village

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Nagaland, the tiny state nestled in the north eastern corner of India, stands apart due to its rich culture and heritage. This state was originally inhabited by 16 different tribes with different cultures. With the passage of time, these tribes and their cultures started to wither off. Kisama, the Naga heritage village, is an attempt by the government of Nagaland to mend the broken pieces and revive the ancient traditions of Nagaland tribes.

Kisama Heritage Village in Nagaland
Kisama Heritage Village in Nagaland Image courtesy: Nagaland Journal – WordPress.com

Location of Kisama

Kisama, the Naga heritage village, is located 10 kms away from capital city, Kohima. It has been picturesquely established on the foothills of majestic evergreen hills. The tribal setting in the backdrop of mountains looks picture perfect.

Facts about Kisama

A visit to Kisama, the Naga heritage village, is an indispensable part of Nagaland trip. Knowing a few things about the place will be good for planning a trip.

A Scene in Kisama, the Heritage Village
A Scene in Kisama, the Naga Heritage Village | Image courtesy: Maps of India
  • The motive behind forming the village was to preserve ancient traditions and ethnicity of tribal people of Nagaland. Without this initiative, the rich heritage would have become a thing of the past.

  • The entire village has a different appearance with a cluster of 16 houses, each depicting a different tribe. Entering the village, you feel as though you have stepped into another era!

  • Tribal houses in the village are called ‘morung’. They have thatched roof and are made of wood and bamboo. The relics of tribal culture are artfully displayed inside and outside the houses. Log drums, which are integral parts of Naga culture, are also displayed outside the houses.

  • There is a World War Museum inside the premises of the village displaying remnants of the battle of Kohima and Second World War. The museum pays tribute to Nagaland soldiers who lost their lives in the battle.

  • This is the place where the famous Hornbill Festival, the cultural extravaganza of Nagaland, is held every year. During the first week of December every year, the village comes alive with festive spirits. Lately, even international tourists have started flocking the place to witness the colorful celebration.

  • Though Hornbill festival is the biggest attraction, the village is worth a visit even in other seasons to get insights into Naga tribal culture.

Kisama, the heritage village of Nagaland
Kisama, the naga heritage village of Nagaland | Image courtesy: Maps of India

How to reach Kisama?

For reaching the heritage village, Dimapur is the nearest place which has facilities for air and rail travel. Dimapur is located 40 kms from Kisama and it takes a couple of hours by cab to reach Kisama.
If the mysterious life and culture of tribals have been fascinating you, Kisama in Nagaland is just the place for you. There is no better way to become one with the simple, yet vibrant life.

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