Angami tribe is performing during the Hornbill festival

What You Need to Know About Hornbill Festival Before Starting to Nagaland?

Did you know that the north eastern part of India has a lot of untapped potential for tourism? Nagaland, located in the eastern most tip of India is the finest example of cultural diversity blending with natural beauty. Hornbill Festival, the biggest attraction of Nagaland, is the best setting to learn about this land of festivals. Know more about Hornbill Festival before you plan a trip.

A scene from the Hornbill festival of Nagaland, what is hornbill festival of nagaland | About Hornbill Festival
A scene from the Hornbill festival of Nagaland | Image Courtesy: Wikimedia

About Hornbill Festival

Nagaland is a land inhabited by 16 different tribes, each of which has its own culture and traditions. Hornbill Festival is a platform where all the tribes get to showcase their talents. People from all parts of Nagaland gather at this mega event making it a vibrant celebration. A classic illustration of ‘unity in diversity’! Started by the government in the year 2000 as a ‘festival of festivals’ to promote Naga heritage, the festival has indeed met its goal.

Why Hornbill?

Angami tribe is performing during the Hornbill festival
Angami tribe is performing during the Hornbill festival | Image Courtesy: Wikimedia

This question might have already popped in your mind. Hornbill is a bird which finds place in all Naga folklores. So what better name than this to depict the ancient culture? It is ironical that this bird is almost on the verge of extinction in the state, thanks to the rampant hunting that prevailed in the past. Hornbill absent from the scene, but the name carries on.

What to expect?

The major fact about Hornbill Festival is that it is attracting more tourists with every passing year.

A Drive to Nagaland
Tribes of Nagaland | Image Courtesy: Wikimedia
  • The festival takes place in Kisama Heritage Village close to Kohima, in the first week of December every year.

  • A unique mélange of cultural performances of 16 different tribes, under one roof! This can be experienced only in Nagaland.

  • Feasting being an essential part of Naga culture, the venue will let you dig into the local delicacies. Not just eat, you can also see how it is cooked.

  • Naga tribal warriors appear on the scene in their full battle gear, with colorful costumes, ornaments and caps. Amazing how the customs and costumes of each tribe is different from the rest!

  • There are some interesting games also as part of the festival, like Naga chilly eating competition, pork eating and other traditional games like archery. Why not try a hand?

  • Tourists can interact with the veterans of Nagaland tribes to learn more about their culture. Let us hear it from the horse’s mouth!

  • The festival also has exhibitions and sale of traditional art and craft items. Unique things that you won’t find elsewhere.

  • Musical concerts are integral elements of this celebration. Lose yourself in the high spirited environment.

Doesn’t this make your heart yearn for a trip to Nagaland? It’s not all that difficult. A bit of planning and a good companion are all you need to set forth.

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